Adroit Infotech, Inc

Architecture Consulting

No meaningful IT effort can be successful without strong architectural underpinnings. Adroit Infotech works with clients on architecture at two levels: Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture.

Enterprise level architecture is a sine qua none for successful enterprise wide IT initiatives. Disparate set of applications each working in isolation and employing different technologies, methodologies and frameworks is an IT establishment’s nightmare. Having an enterprise level vision for the architecture ensures the heterogenous technologies work together harmoniously, facilitating free flow of information across different applications making possible intelligent and timely processing of information. We are adept at helping clients in formulating their enterprise architecture with a specific focus on their unique needs and constraints. We also bring to the table the necessary talent and skills to realize the architectural vision.

Solution Architecture starts with a deeper understanding of the client’s problem domain and culminates in a solution spanning, if necessary, multiple technologies. Our consultants have worked with numerous clients to architect solutions to their complex business problems with a focus on leveraging legacy systems, timelines and cost considerations.