Adroit Infotech, Inc


One of the most significant benefits of joining us is you will be working with an organization that puts its people first. We pride ourselves in being a people oriented company. For us our employees are not just 'resources' but our most important assets. We believe that our employees' collective conscience and actions define the character and destiny of the company.

In addition to being part of a people oriented company, you will also be working with best of breed technologists which can considerably increase your chances for leapfrogging several steps in your career. We have instituted a professional support system that is unique and result driven. You will feel right at home on the first day of joining us.

Our pay and other benefits are designed to attract the best talent in the industry. Each hire is different in his/her own way and has needs unique to him/her. We offer a flexible benefits package that can be tailor made to suit ones own situation. Our compensation is commensurate with the hire's experience and what skills or talents are brought to the table. The compensation terms are never a constraint for the right candidate.

In addition to pay related to work, we also offer referral bonuses to our employees and reward them handsomely for their entrepreneurial initiatives.