Adroit Infotech, Inc

Our Culture

We are a meritocracy. For us, meritocracy is supreme, mediocrity has no place in our organization and we continuously try to weed it out. It is not a coincidence that we look for people who have the innate desire to excel in what they do. We facilitate the rise of meritorious candidates through the ranks quickly to leadership positions and assume more responsibility.

We are highly results driven. We are measured by the results we deliver. But for us means is just as important as the end itself. We do not cut corners to achieve an end result. For us, a solution that is true to our value system is more important than an expedient one.

We want to be a fun and enjoyable place to work at. We believe there is a serious dearth of sense of humor in this world that is causing all the problems (including all the wars going on right now). We seriously look for a sense of humor in all our potential hires (no pun intended).

We endeavor to build a harmonious work environment where every individual can grow and find fulfillment. Since we all spend roughly half of our wakeful hours at work, we want our employees to feel at home, feel respected and feel appreciated.