Adroit Infotech, Inc


Adroit Infotech offers outsourcing and turnkey solutions in J2EE, Portals, Oracle and .Net technology areas. The advantages of outsourcing to Adroit Infotech are many. Clients save time as we completely manage the project relieving the client's resources to focus on more important business tasks. Outsourced projects are completely staffed by Adroit Infotech so clients do not have to staff up for a project. As Adroit Infotech, in most cases, provides its project staff with all the necessary hardware and software needed for implementing the project, clients can save significant upfront costs related to the project.

On outsourced projects, our clients collaborate with us on defining the requirements, and provide us with the needed infrastructure, while we provide the complete technical solution from concept to implementation. Once the business requirements from the client are solidified, we analyze them further to map them to system requirements. We then define the architecture of the solution and indentify the right technologies and tools to achieve the best metrics on cost, time-to-market, TOC and ROI. High risk areas of the architecture are then identified and evolutionary proofs of concept are constructed where needed. We then build the solution and validate it against the original requirements. After the solution is deployed, we also support and maintain the system as needed.

The bottom line is when you outsource to us, you will have more time, resources and budgets to stay focused on your core business. That can make a real difference in how far ahead you can get of the competition.