Adroit Infotech, Inc

Staffing Services

No meaningful IT effort can be successful without a strong team -a team that is knowledgeable and committed. Adroit Infotech works with clients in hiring the best of the breed technical talent to fill the gaps in their human resource needs. We cater to our clients' needs in a wide spectrum of skill sets - from Project Managers to Programmers, from Architects to Administrators and from Business Analysts to Test Engineers.

Our clients can choose from three types of staffing models: Contract Hiring, Contract-to-Hire and Direct Hire.

In Contract Hiring arrangement, clients can engage our consultants for any duration - from a few weeks to several months. Consultants continue to be Adroit Infotech employees while client pays Adroit Infotech for the consultantís services.

Contract-to-Hire arrangement is similar to Contract Hiring but it will give the client the right to hire the consultant fulltime after a certain period of engagement or for a flat fee.

Direct Hire gives the client an opportunity to leverage Adroit Infotech's recruiting resources to find fulltime hires directly for a flat fee.

Clients can also opt for more than one kind of solution based on their hiring needs. No matter what combination of solution our clients choose, they are always guaranteed the best possible match at the best possible rates.